At Beachside Orthodontics we use a lot of Damon™ braces. These are different to traditional braces in that the brackets are self-ligating, which means that there is no need for coloured or clear elastics to hold the wire in place.  Instead, the brackets have a patented sliding mechanism used to hold the wire in position. Without ties or elastics there is less friction on the arch wire which means the treatment time is usually fast and efficient.  

Damon™ braces are usually more comfortable and easier to keep clean as they are smaller and smoother than traditional braces. Elastic ties used in traditional braces have been shown to accumulate more bacteria and plaque. 

Here at Beachside not only do we use Damon™ braces, we also use them in conjunction with the Insignia™ system.  

Insignia™ is a software program the Orthodontist uses to fully customise your treatment.  With this system the brackets and wires are 100% customised to your teeth and their unique size and shape, unlike most traditional braces which are generic and made to fit the average size and shape teeth. Insignia™ can calculate a treatment plan that is most optimal for you.  We also use a 3-D x-ray called a ConeBeam or CBCT to place the roots in the best place relative to the bones. Having a fully customised treatment plan means time spent in braces will be shorter and you will have less office visits than traditional braces. 

Insignia™ software starts with the end result in mind. Using a 3-D representation, this technology determines what your teeth and smile will look like after your braces treatment is complete. Using this 3-D representation of your teeth, your brackets and wires are crafted especially for you. 

The process of creating your customised braces is relatively simple. It all starts with a digital scan of your teeth which generates a 3-D representation of your teeth and bite. Your Orthodontist uses this 3-D image and Insignia software to position and design the brackets and wires digitally on your teeth. Custom brackets, wires and placement guides (jigs) are then fabricated based on the Orthodontist’s approved design. At your braces on appointment, the custom brackets are accurately bonded and positioned using the Insignia™ jigs. It takes approximately 8 weeks between the scan appointment and your braces fit appointment. 

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