Sep 23, 2022

How important are braces or clear aligners?

Some people come to us at Beachside Orthodontics asking whether braces are really necessary?

How important are braces or clear aligners?

Some people come to us at Beachside Orthodontics asking whether braces are really necessary? They assume that orthodontics mainly addresses dental aesthetic issues. However, the benefits of orthodontic treatment are often far more than people realise. So let’s delve a little deeper into the other benefits of orthodontics! Not only does orthodontics improve appearance, harmony and balance of the face, teeth and jaws, there are other benefits particularly an improvement in oral health. Let’s take a look at the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Good Oral Health

Having and maintaining good oral hygiene is much easier when teeth are straight. Properly aligned teeth are much easier to brush and floss! The toothbrush can easily reach all surfaces of the tooth and floss can reach between the teeth and remove the harmful bacteria in plaque that can cause serious dental issues. Misaligned and crowded teeth are actually much more difficult to maintain in good condition. Plaque and food particles can accumulate around the gum line (as well as in between the teeth) much more easily in crowded areas compared to straighter teeth. This in turn can lead to periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, bad breath and even tooth loss. Having teeth and jaws that are crooked or misaligned can also lead to uneven wear on tooth surfaces as well as uneven pressure on the supporting structures of the teeth. This then can lead to discomfort of the jaw joint.

Overall health

Research has established that people who have gum disease have at least double the chance of having a heart attack, stroke or some other kind of cardiovascular issue. More evidence is mounting that suggests links between gum disease and the development of dementia later on in life. People with misaligned teeth may have trouble chewing food effectively which can lead to poor digestion as well as malabsorption of nutrients. So you can see that not only does having poor oral health affect your mouth, it also affects your overall health. It really is a serious matter!


Sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnoea are considered to be common in the general population. The exact links between breathing and malocclusion are not fully understood, but we frequently see the two problems together. The position of the jaws and the teeth maybe implicated. Please talk to us if you are concerned about these problems, or if these conditions are in your family history.

Self Confidence

It’s important not to forget or underestimate the psychological and social benefits of orthodontics. So many times we have patients tell us how they felt self-conscious about smiling or how they had been criticised or bullied for their misaligned teeth. They now don’t smile. On completion of orthodontic treatment, they thank us for changing their lives in a positive way by improving their smile and in turn their confidence. Various studies have shown that orthodontics actually improve quality of life. It is a great investment in your future. Feeling more confident and happier in yourself has positive effects not only in personal relationships but also professional and academic success.

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