Smile with Insignia Braces

At Beachside Orthodontics, we love meeting our patients, finding out about them and what makes them who they are. We also like assessing their teeth, because every set of teeth is different.It's our chance to look at something new, which gives us a challenge. It's also one of the things we love about our job.

But that individual treatment doesn’t stop there. When diagnosing a patient’s orthodontic problem and looking at what treatment would best suit them, we use Insignia Smile Technology. This allows us to tailor a bespoke treatment plan for your individual needs. After all, no-one else has a set of teeth like yours! Best yet? Dr Moate is one of the top Insignia providers worldwide.

Smile with Insignia Braces

What is Insignia smile technology?

Insignia braces are our braces of choice here at Beachside Orthodontics. Insignia is more than just a brand of braces, it’s a treatment system that allows each patient to be treated as an individual and to achieve the individual results they could most benefit from.

Insignia treatment starts with virtual treatment technology software that means we can custom make braces to fit your teeth perfectly. This helps to ensure we achieve the very best results possible and that you enjoy a comfortable treatment experience along the way!

What is Insignia smile technology?

Benefits of Insignia treatment

We have chosen to work with the Insignia system because of the many benefits we can bring to our patients. These include:

  • Faster treatment time : Insignia braces can straighten teeth at least 25% faster than traditional metal braces.
  • Customised treatment: The Insignia system enables us to continue our commitment to delivering individual treatment to each of our patients.
  • Accurate results: The software used with Insignia braces shows us the exact placement required for your brackets and archwires to ensure the best results.
  • Fewer appointments: Insignia technology enables us to plan your treatment so you don’t have to come in for as many appointments as you would if you were wearing traditional metal braces.
Benefits of Insignia treatment

Your Insignia treatment journey

The Insignia treatment journey is very straightforward. With just four simple steps, our Specialist Orthodontist will fit you with Insignia braces and you’ll be well on your way to a straighter smile.

Step 1: Taking digital impressions

Dr Moate will determine your are a suitable patient for Insignia. If you are, we will commence with taking a digital impression of your teeth. This is done using 3D scanning technology and the images are then sent to the Insignia smile design lab. These images will provide us with a complete replica of your teeth and jaws, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring we can fit you with the exact orthodontic appliance you need.

Step 2: Planning your treatment

When we take scans of your teeth, we may also take x-rays as well, just to give us a complete picture of your teeth and jaws. Using all this information, along with the Insignia software, we will set about designing your bespoke treatment plan.

Step 3: Creating your braces

Insignia works with CADCAM wire and bracket manufacturing. This means that your braces are developed to your exact specifications. They aren’t simply taken off the shelf – every component of your Insignia braces have been custom-made exactly for you. This ensures an exact fit, a more comfortable experience, and better results.

Step 4: Fitting your braces

Once your Insignia braces have been custom-made, they are sent to our practice in custom trays and are ready to be attached to the front of your teeth. This is when we will call you in for your fitting appointment.

Insignia uses an indirect bonding technique, which means we can fit multiple brackets at one time, rather than needing to spend time fitting every individual one. This reduces the time you need to spend in the orthodontist’s chair.

Smile easy with Insignia braces

To find out more about this revolutionary treatment and whether Insignia braces are the right option for you, book your orthodontic consultation with Dr Steve Moate today.

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Smile easy with Insignia braces

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